Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gluten free bread that tastes like bread!

Gluten-Free Bread That Tastes Like Real Bread!
By: Chef Cristian Feher

 "This has to have something bad in it, 'cause it tastes too good." That's what my wife said as she tried an Udi's gluten-free bagel. Finally a gluten-free baked good that, well... tastes good! 

Udi's was nice enough to send me a box with several of their products to try. And before you think "Oh ok, right, that's why he's writing this article." I want to say that this is my honest opinion.

Going gluten-free is a choice that my wife and I made a few weeks ago. And for us it makes a big difference. I've actually gone gluten-free in the past and have always been rewarded by feeling good, more energetic, and losing weight. Every time I've gone back to eating gluten (even though wheat products taste really good) I've always paid for it with weight gain, and really low energy levels.

Everyone is different. Some people are tolerant to all foods, while others are intolerant to several. Aside from soy products, and corn, wheat seems to be one of those things that many people are intolerant to - and many of those people don't even know it. They notice how tired they are, or how they've gained weight, or how they're getting skin problems, but they chalk it up to other things.

I recommend that everyone try going two weeks without eating wheat (gluten), soy and corn and see how they feel. If it makes no difference - fine. You are probably tolerant to those foods. But the rest of you may notice some positive changes. Then what you do is you start to add one item at a time and see how those foods affect you. 

Let's get back to Udi's. I tried several of their products along with my wife and very picky daughter and these are the results:

Udi's gluten-free sandwich breads (white and whole wheat) were light, airy and had a really good consistency. They taste just like regular wheat bread, and when you toast them, they have a really nice, crispy texture! A little organic butter and you're ready to kiss gluten good-bye! I've found other gluten-free breads that I've tried to be too thick, dense and heavy - especially the ones made with brown rice - and a few even taste like Play-Doh!

Udi's gluten-free brownies were very good (apparently). My wife and daughter polished off the container before I could get to them, so I have no first hand experience.

The last of Udi's gluten-free chocolate chip cookies was quite good. They are slightly soft, have a great taste and the chocolate chips melt in your mouth.

Udi's gluten-free harvest crunch muffins with cranberries, sweet potato, quinoa flour and pumpkin seeds were moist, sweet and delicious. It's surprising that they had no wheat flour.

This is the first time that I have tasted a gluten-free product that was just as good as a product made with wheat! Whether they hired nuclear physicist from abroad, or they stole a secret recipe from NASA, all that matters to me is that I can eat something that tastes good and won't make me want to go to sleep five minutes later. 

You can find Udi's products near you by checking out their website at

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  1. Thank you for sharing, I will definitely have to try that. Wheat and gluten allergies have become increasingly popular over recent years so its always refreshing to learn new tips and recipes. Have you ever tried any Bavarian breads? I just tried the wheat free bread and it is delicious.