Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pasta Stuffed Peppers Recipe

Pasta Stuffed Peppers
By: Chef Cristian Feher

This is one of those recipes you want to make on a lazy Sunday afternoon - I did this in a rush on Tuesday - but I'm thinking about how much time the average person has during the week, and how fast they can cook. 

This is one of my household favorites. Everyone here can agree that stuffing peppers with pasta is a very good thing!

If you have tomato sauce and cream sauce already made, putting this recipe together will be much faster. If you have to make it from scratch, it may take you a little longer - that's why I suggested making it when you have some time.  Although the recipe turns out best when using freshly prepared sauces, you can technically buy pre-made sauces at the store. It will still be good, but not nearly as good as the original recipe. You can also tweak the sauces by adding cooked bacon pieces to the tomato sauce, or adding basil pesto to the cream sauce.

Note that in this recipe, I used spaghetti pasta because I didn't have angel hair.

You will need four basic things for this recipe:
1. Tomato Sauce  (recipe here)
2. Cream Sauce  (recipe here)
3. Angel hair Pasta (vermicelli)
4. Red bell peppers and shredded Parmesan cheese

Putting it all together:

Step 1:  Cut a circular hole along the top of the pepper and twist out the stem with the heart. Turn up-side-down and tap out the seeds. You should end up with a hollow pepper, perfect for stuffing. 

Step 2: Make some angel hair pasta, drain it, run it under cold water and drain again to stop the cooking process. 

Step 3: Mix the angel hair pasta with the cream sauce and stuff each pepper with as much angel hair pasta as you can fit in there.

Step 4: Put the stuffed peppers in a baking pan with a couple of inches of tomato sauce on the bottom.

Step 5: Sprinkle the top of each pepper with Parmesan Cheese. 

Step 6: Bake at 375 for one hour. If half way through baking, the cheese is starting to burn, put a piece of non-stick aluminum foil over the baking dish.

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