Saturday, April 28, 2012

How to make organic dog food: Recipe 2

Frosted Mutt Muffins and Doggie Donuts Recipe
By: Chef Cristian Feher

Mutt Muffins for Dogs!
This is a variation of the Mutt Loaf recipe which you can see by clicking HERE.

These are a special treats for your special pet! You can bake them into cupcakes, or even shape them like donuts, or make the mixture into a birthday cake for Pooch! The possibilities are endless.

Doggie Donuts with Peanut Butter Bacon Icing!
Once you finish baking your mutt loaf into any shape you like - as in this recipe where you will scoop the meat mix into a muffin pan and bake at 375 for 40 minutes - you can frost it with one of my favorite toppings below:

Teriyaki Peanut Butter Frosting with Sesame Seeds
Yields: 1 cup of frosting

- 1 cup of smooth organic peanut butter
- 1 tbsp of organic teriyaki sauce
- sesame seeds for garnish


1. Mix the peanut butter with the teriyaki sauce.

2. Spread onto mutt muffins and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Greek Yogurt and Bacon Bits
Yields: 1 cup of frosting

- 1 cup of strained Greek yogurt
- 4 strips of organic applewood smoked bacon (nitrate free)


1. Cook the bacon until crispy. Let it cool. Chop into bits with a chef knife or food processor.

2. Mix with Greek yogurt.

3. Spread over mutt muffins.

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